Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bon Voyage to Ponsawan and Ada

We are eagerly watching for news of our friend Ponsawan Sila and her daughter Ada as they make a new life in Thailand. We have watched the preparations for travel and witnessed the many months of planning and anticipation. Finally we held our collective breaths as they flew half way around the world in a leap of faith that family will prevail and life will be good.
Hard to imagine fitting all your belongings into six suitcases. In the culling of treasures, Ponsawan decided to share one of her amazing mosaics with us for the retrospective collection here at Creative Journey Studios. It joins an already incredible collection of necklaces, pins, bracelets and vessels made by Ponsawan thru our years of friendship.

Isn't it an amazing piece of art? It's aptly named "Hugs From My Friends"! Thank you, Ponsawan, for sharing it with us and the visitors to the collection. Every time we walk past it we will think about you and your incredible talent.

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